Whole-body Vibration: All about it.

Vibration Exercise is relatively a new phenomenon in the sphere of exercise. With the passage of time, the prerequisites and desire for absolute fitness too got to full rise-and so were the trends in exercise that not only amplified and got enhanced but also saw a chief transformation or better term it as a revolution. Today, we are rather privileged to have loads of Vibration Exercise machines in market, with tons of brands to choose from (this particularly could be little hectic and frantic to be honest). However one very pleasing aspect of this increased completion in the Vibration Exercise is that, the cost of this sort of equipment is constantly on decline over the years. Hence, the common people are benefiting, who could make provisions for weight loss without being too hard at their pockets.

Let’s sneak into the history of whole body vibration

The history in fact does not go and stretch back much in the past. To be specific, it is near about 50 years. Russians are believed to be the initiator of this technology. All this started when the Russian researchers observed that the cosmonauts they sent in the space for lengthy periods were facing loss in their bone density and muscle tissue on account of shortage of force of gravity. Thus to restrain this loss, Soviet scientists came up with the startling experimentation. They have worked hard on the Vibration Exercise technology after discovering that this will not only prevent the loss of bone density and muscle tissue, but instead increase it pretty much ominously.  Following this observation, they began keeping them in space for even lengthier period of time, and ultimately set a remarkable record for staying in the space for longer than year, specifically around 420 days! This was in comparison to even lesser than year time span of other astronauts from other countries. For the years to come, the rest of world did not learn of this new technology. Nonetheless today this is fully functional at NASA, and is one foremost reason for all their accomplishments and achievements.

Moreover Russians also bewildered everyone with their astonishing success at the Olympics arranged in 1960. Piles of Medals- gilded, came to their ultimate way.  However, the rest of world was kept unaware regarding the real cause of this entire major improvement and advancement.  Dr. Vladimir Nazarov holds the honor for being one of the prime researchers in the technology.  Although, he was a dynamic sports person, his keen interest in biomechanics could surely not be not denied. He was also the part of USSR acrobatic squad, moreover also represented the biomechanics at the national academy of Minsk.

With the passage of time, the research on this technology took its full flow. The onset of Nineties (decade) saw all-encompassing exploration in this field by Germany, South Korea, Israel and other countries.  Other European nations and NASA learnt of this soon after the USSR was dismembered and the secrets of the research passed all around through Dr. Vladimir Nazarov.

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